Virtual Tour.

Hey all.

Here’s an introduction to my living space. It sure has character.



Let me know if you guys have questions or if there’s anything you want me to cover here.

Thanks! Love you all.


And so it begins.

As I discussed with a few of you over conference weekend, it seems that I will be making an unscheduled return to Rexburg. You all know varying details about this, so let’s all get on the same page.

Ever since graduation, I have been having increased issues with my head space. More bad dreams, more PTSD-afflicted days, more depressive episodes of lethargy and numbness, more random spells of dizziness. As some of you know, I started an internship with Deseret Digital Media, but because of the severity of these symptoms, I had to end the internship early.

I realized that I haven’t felt like I’ve been making progress with my mental status since before I graduated, and I mostly attribute that to the excellent counselor I was seeing in Rexburg. We had found a trauma treatment method that worked for me, and we were working on getting me past the past. So the plan is to come back to Rexburg and resume counseling.

I also mentioned to a few of you that I will be living in a motor home. Yep, that’s happening.

As I don’t know how long I will be anywhere, and I don’t want to be tied down until I figure out what I’m doing, I figured a motor home would be the best option, especially because of Bells. Having a dog complicates things.

So this is my motor home:





It is a 1988 Toyota Dolphin.

It came with 86,000 miles and a rosary hanging from the rearview mirror.




I found it on Craigslist. It belonged to a grandmother named Judy who intended to renovate it but never found the time.




It’s not the first motor home I’ve ever lived in, but it is the first one I’ve owned and the first one I’ve driven.

It’s not the most insulated or up-to-date RV out there, but I got it for $1200, it’s mine, and it’ll do just fine.

My hope with this blog is that you all can enjoy the antics of me learning to live in and maintain a motor home on my own and that I can keep you apprised to what I’m up to, what I’ve experienced in life up to this point, what my plans are, and what I’m learning about life and myself. There will also probably be a handful of pictures of my adorable dog.

Let me just say, I think it’s gonna be a wild ride.

If you’ve got questions about my motor home living, my head space, my life experiences, or anything else you think I should expound on, just let me know. I want to write what you all want to read. I hope the things I’ve experienced can somehow help others.

Next up, I think I’ll do a virtual tour of the motor home once I get everything situated. Check it out.