Still wandering. Just differently.

Hey gang. It’s been a while. Let’s catch up.

First of all, I no longer have the motor home. I sold it over the winter. I woke up one morning in October, and it was 22 degrees outside. I was laying there in my five layers of clothes under three layers of blankets with Bells tucked up against my hip, shivering, and I took the blanket off from over my head and could see my breath in the air. That was the moment I realized that maybe winter was not the season to live in a motor home in this part of the country.

Fast forward about a month. This story gets written:
(Shout out to Mike Reyes for making my life look exciting.)

So I was a charity case for a while, which was another new experience for me. Definitely humbled my independent streak for a little while.

From there, I got a job working overnights at Walmart and got into an apartment of my own.

I also no longer have Bells. I gave her to my mother to babysit for a couple months, but they just got so attached to each other, I couldn’t break them apart. I’m glad she’s still in the family though. And I’ll get to babysit her sometimes. Like next month! Isn’t she just the cutest puffy puffy puppy?!

So for now, I’m living in a studio apartment in Rexburg. I foresee being in Rexburg for a while. And that has its ups and downs. Which leads me to I’m still in Rexburg. I definitely did not expect to still be here, but I truly believe there are reasons I’m here.

For the first time since my divorce in 2013, I’m in a romantic relationship, and it’s beautiful. More beautiful than I ever remembered it could possibly be.

So as far as things go, life looks pretty normal. I’m living under a roof, I’m working, I’m what some would qualify as socially active. It feels a little strange, especially because I’ve still got the burning desire to wander some. So I’m still gonna wander. It’s just gonna be a bit different. Maybe I’ll find a way to make living in Southeastern Idaho look glamorous. And I definitely plan to wander backward a touch. Like to the trip to California to get Bells. Or the time there was about a thousand spiders in the place I moved into. Or the time I spent a few days in a psychiatric hospital. You know. The usual.

For those of you still reading after all of my time away, thank you. You make me value my experiences. Thanks for coming along with me.