Wandering is not always fun.

Here’s the thing about this wandering. Some parts of it suck. Hard.

I have recently had yet another employment opportunity ruined by PTSD and depression symptoms. I thought things were going well, and then symptoms became intrusive and made what I can realistically accomplish different than what the position called for. I really wanted it to work out, but, despite my best efforts, I just could not force it to work how I wanted.

Conclusion: mental illnesses ruin things. They take things away. They make things harder than they are. They make you feel like you are less.

You’re not going to win every fight. I’m not going to win every fight. There will be days when you have to accept that, for that day, you’ve done all you can and you are still beat. You will wander the low valleys.


You will not lose every fight either. There will be days where you will rock the world with your motivation and drive and vision. And for that day, view the world from the top of that mountain. Don’t focus on the down days. Bask in the glory of the wins you get.

ALSO. I will pick up with my four-part series about BHC either this weekend or sometime next week.

DOUBLE ALSO. Once I’m done with this series, what do you guys want to hear about? Give me some feedback. Ask me questions. Tell me what you want to know.

Thanks for following along, folks.


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