Thoughts on the election.

Donald Trump has said many things during this campaign cycle that have been offensive, hurtful, and discriminatory regarding many different groups and individuals.

Yet, somehow, he has managed to come out victorious.

I have stayed off of social media for just over the last 24 hours, so maybe this is just me adding to what many people are already saying.

I cannot be the only one who feels unsafe and fearful and filled with a sense of otherness in the country we call home.

Muslims. Immigrants. Refugees. People of color. The LGBTQA+ community. Countless other groups and individuals. We’re all feeling this otherness. How could this country care so little about so many of its people?

The elected leader of this country is a walking contradiction to our safety and peace of mind.

What this says to me is that a majority of people in the country in which I live accept or are indifferent to the thing that has overturned my life, and the lives of many, too many, others.

They are indifferent to racial violence.

They are indifferent to equal rights for all unless their own way of life is subject to change.

They are indifferent to their privilege and the lack thereof of so many around them.

They are indifferent to the flippant, callous, and hurtful belief that sexual violence and harassment are normal and to be expected.

They are indifferent to sexual violence and the damage it does in individual lives and in society.

They are indifferent to the fears that shake many of us to our cores simply because they don’t have to face those fears.

Donald Trump has allowed the majority to pretend that these things are not problems or do not exist.

Every word and action of this presidential elect shows that those things do not matter, and every vote in his favor echoes that refrain.

“Your safety is not a concern. Your fears are not our fears. You do not matter.”

I appreciate the concern that many of you have expressed.

People have asked, “Do you feel safe?”

I’ve already struggled with accepting the world as a safe place. My hypervigilant brain has not allowed me to feel safe in years. Now my brain is just more aware that the majority of people in this country do not have my back. It was hard to feel safe then, and it’s nearly impossible now.

Whereas before, I could hope and assume that a majority of people were against these hateful things and would stand up against them if they just knew how, I cannot assume that anymore. When the majority vote falls with an individual who behaves this way, treats others the way he has, and says the things he has, my hope for the underlying goodness in humanity certainly dims.

So what now?

Now, we do what we’ve always done.

We be kind to those around us. We listen to the concerns of those who feel afraid. We stand up against the injustices that will continue to be a part of our reality, very possibly more so than they were before. We remember those we love and those who love us.

We fight against indifference.



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